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 Yongkang District Household Registration Office, formerly was referred to as the Household            Registration Section, Yongkang Township office, was created in the address of former Yongkang      Service Center in 1970, thereafter, the Office was moved to the building of Yongkang Fire Brigade      (at No. 1116, Zhongshan S. Road), and moved to the building of Yongkang police station (at No. 2, Zhongshan N. Road) in 1987.

 In April, 1992, the Office was moved to No.535,Zhongshan S. Road. In 1993, Yongkang Township was upgraded to Yongkang City as its population had reached 150,000 people and the Office was        renamed as "Yongkang City Household Registration Office, Tainan County". With the rapid growth of population in Yongkang, the small space of the Office could not meet the demands of more than       200,000 people, as a result, the Office was moved to the current building (at No.735, Datong Street) on 21st September, 2000.
  With the merging of Tainan city with the county on 25th December, 2010, the Office was renamed   to "Yongkang District Household Registration Office, Tainan City" from "Yongkang City Household     Registration Office, Tainan County".

With the merging of Sinshih District Household Registration Office on 3th July, 2016,the Office was      renamed to "Yongkang Household Registration Office, Tainan City.


Front View
Yongkang  Office
Xinshi Office
Xinshi  Office
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Address:No.735, Datong Street, Yongkang District, Tainan City
Tel:06-2326734 Fax:06-2015310
Xinshi office
Address:No.242, Guanghua Street, Xin Shi District, Tainan City
Tel:06-5993582 Fax:06-2015371
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